Beauty Tip Tuesday- Feather & Bone Face Gems

Guess who’s back on Youtube causing ruckus? ! ME😄 so excited to be back. I filmed a video and had it go up yesterday on my up coming giveaway as well as my new mermaid hair and some changes that will be happening on my channel. You can watch that right here             👉👈. Don’t forget to subscribe for more upcoming stories.

Now let’s talk Beauty Tip Tuesday and this new product i have been using as a facial wash. About a month ago I was sent Feather & Bone cleansing Gems for reviewing purposes. I do want to say all opinions are my own. So let’s go on and review it for you guys.

                                               Feather & Bone Cleansing Gems Review 

images (2)
Feather & Bone is a fully organic company which I love! You can actually read what their ingredients are. That is extremely important to me because I hate trying to read the back of a product and having to guess what it actually contains. Half of the time those ingredients you can’t pronounce are alcohol and chemicals that are not that great for your skin. Feather & Bone Gems are formulated completely differently as they only include 3 ingredients: Sandalwood, Fuller’s Earth and Starch. Sandalwood for cleansing, Fuller’s Earth for Exfoliating and Starch for Moisturizing. Yes I do my research before i put anything on my face.

images (3)


When I first received the product i was a little confused as too how would i use them. Well I read the instructions and they were very simple, simply pop a tablet on your hand, add about 10 drops of water and smash with your palms. This was a very different and interesting way of using a cleanser, so I enjoyed the process. I used one and applied it on my face then rinse it off. My face immediately felt clean and refreshed. It also felt soft which I loved. I was also glowing which you guys know i love the glow! I want to glow all the time. I must say my skin has improved since using these face gems. My face is soft and i am wearing LESS make up, yes I said I have been using less make up. My foundation is a bb cream and I am even going without foundation.

IMG_20150819_143101This picture was taken yesterday  (yes that is my current hair color😍) while i was filming my YouTube video and I have 0 foundation. I am only wearing eye make up and lip gloss no foundation at all. I washed my face with my face gem and that was all. No filter on this picture either.

Would I recommend this product? Yes I would it is an amazing product,  i just wish it would come in a bottle so i could pump it out but that’s just me being picky. I love the results. So i would definitely recommend them. If you would like to check them out 👉👈

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